17 medical officers on trial before the Medical and Dental Practitioners Disciplinary Tribunal.

Seven health professionals comprising of medical doctors and dentists would appear before the Medical and Dental Practitioners Disciplinary Tribunal (MDPDT) on Monday, for alleged professional misconduct, even as trial for 10 others accused of professional misconduct would continue.

The trial is a routine exercise by the Medical and Dental Council of Nigeria (MDCN) for doctors who have been reported by unsatisfied patients to had erred and violated some section of the medical profession ethics or code.

The exercise which will run till Thursday will provide opportunities for the accused doctors to defend themselves either in person or be represented by a legal counsel.

MDCN had advised patients who are unsatisfied with the professional conduct of the medical doctors to always approach the Council using various communication channels to report such cases and expect justice.

Meanwhile a document obtained from the MDCN at the weekend indicated that out of the 17 doctors that would appear before the Prof. Abba Waziri led disciplinary tribunal, final judgment will be delivered on the case of one doctor after the successful completion of trial in previous sittings of the tribunal.

A senior staff of MDCN who pleaded anonymity confirmed that one doctor will also submit written addresses for possible adoption of by the tribunal, while some of the doctors would be appearing for defence.

The staff hinted that some of the doctors may be convicted of their offenses going by the indisputable fact about their cases, and some may risk withdrawal of their practicing licenses.

MDCN disciplinary book recommended several punishments for erring doctors including outright withdrawal of practicing license of any doctor convicted of gross negligence or other forms of professional misconduct.

Chairman of the Tribunal, Prof. Abba Waziri, in his remarks at previous sittings of the tribunal explained that the duty of the tribunal was not to witch-hunt, discredit or destroy the reputation of doctors, but to promote professionalism, competence and dedication to service being that they are involved in the business of life saving.

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