17 Muslims kidnapped in Nasarawa while observing Isha’i prayers at the Mosque.

A library staff with the Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria, three women and 13 other male adults were Tuesday night reportedly kidnapped by gunmen at a Mosque at Gwargwada-Sabo community in Gadabuke development area of Nasarawa state.

The 17 people were said to have been kidnapped when Muslims of the community were observing Isha’i prayers.

“The gunmen actually took positions and started shooting into different directions, after other gangs surrounded the mosque and whisked them away into the bush,” an eyewitness recounted.

However the chief Imam of the community Mosque and children were reportedly spared.

The kidnappers are reportedly demanding N1million in ransom for each victim even though they first demanded for N50 million on the first day. When family members kept on pleading and negotiating with them, they settled for N1 million on each victim.

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