17 year old teenager impregnates his 15 year old little sister, mother in great distress.

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A 15-year-old teenager has been impregnated by her elder brother in Keana Local Government Area, Nasarawa State.

Maria Audu was impregnated by Joseph, 17, leaving their mother, Maria Audu Snr., in distress.

Maria Audu is a widow who lost her husband to one of the attacks by herdsmen on farmers in 2018.

Left in shock over the incest in her family, Maria Audu told newsmen: “I am distressed, that my own daughter is pregnant for my son. Their father is not alive. Some herdsmen killed him in early 2018 in Keana, I don’t know how to handle this matter. “They completed their exams and I asked them to go to the village to harvest some of our crops since I was busy with work in Lafia and I knew that very soon, herdsmen would start grazing their cattle.

“Both of them had been in the village with my late husband’s relatives who were there to provide cover and protection for them, though they were coming to Lafia regularly to pick certain needs and I was also visiting them every weekend to help and encourage them.

“But last weekend, I visited them in the village and discovered that my daughter’s breasts had grown bigger and she was showing other signs of pregnancy. I them asked the two of them to follow me to Lafia.

“On getting to Lafia, I took her to a pharmacy where a pregnancy test was conducted on her and the result showed that she was pregnant. “I asked her who was responsible for her pregnancy and she shockingly told me that she had not seen her period for two months, which meant she was pregnant and my son and first born, Joe, was responsible for it.

“They are my biological children. I only asked them to relocate to the village to help in farm work since Fulani people were destroying our crops. I never expected that a brother and sister would start an affair.

“Maria confessed to me that Joe was responsible for her pregnancy.”

She expressed disappointment at her children’s behavior, saying: “It would have been better for Joe to tell me that he wanted to get married or look for a girlfriend to satisfy his urge instead of going into love affair with his immediate younger sister.

“It is a very shameful thing; an abomination of the highest order. It is very wrong.”

Saying that she was ashamed and rattled by the development, she vowed to take “appropriate action” against the errant children once she recovered from the shock. She, however, ruled out the possibility of disowning them.

‘How we started an affair’

Maria, the 15-year-old girl at the centre of the scandal, said it all started like a joke while they were in the farm but it ended up in an affair, and they continued in the same vein when they returned later that night.

She said: “i don’t really know what came over both of us, I believe we were being controlled by the devil. “How we suddenly started having sex on the farm is inexplicable. At the time I allowed him to enter me, I did not know that I was committing a wrong. And more than two months into the affair, it never occurred to me that I was pregnant until my mother saw the signs and a confirmation was made by medical personnel that I was pregnant for almost three months.

“I have since regretted my actions. I want you to plead with my mother to help abort the pregnancy. I can’t keep it, the whole thing was the devil’s work and I completely regret it, I have pleaded for forgiveness.”

Joe on his part said he had no words to explain what happened.

He said: “My mother is already angry and has vowed not to sponsor me in school again, I want to go to the university straight if I’m lucky to make my papers in WAEC, but it appears the devil is bent on frustrating me.

“I can’t really tell you how it started to the point where we are now. But what Maria told you is just the truth, I’m pleading with my mother to calm down and temper justice with mercy.”

Joe said he had deeply offended God as well as his mother and the entire family for going too far by sleeping with his younger sister to the level of getting her pregnant. He also pleaded with his mother to abort the pregnancy.

“I regret what happened. It is not in my character and the shame this very act has brought to me, my mother, my late father and the entire extended family is unbearable, I’m pleading with my mother to forgive me as it is the devil’s work,” he said.

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