2022 budget: INEC earmarks N1.3 billion for funeral grants, Christmas bonus and severance allowances

The Independent National Electoral Commission has earmarked N1.3 billion for funeral grants, Christmas bonus and severance allowances of public officers in the agency in the 2022 proposed budget, which was submitted to the National Assembly for consideration.

The electoral body also spent the same N1.3 billion in the 2021 Budget, which is currently running, on the same issues.

The provision is under Miscellaneous in the proposed budget of the INEC for the 2022 budget

The line item. which is captured under staff welfare, reads: “Welfare package for members and staff of the Commission to cover funeral grants/condolence purse, 1st 28 days claims on first appointment/transfers, severance allowances of Public Officers, transport allowances on retirement for career officers, Xmas/Bonus, etc.”

Also in the another line item, N200 million was earmarked as statutory and Electoral Audit of the Commission Account apart from N30 million budgeted for Audit/Investigation support service.

Same amount was spent on same function in the 2021 budget by the Commission.

In the 2022 budget of INEC, Social Contribution attracted N4.2 billion; Utilities General – N77 million; Overhead Cost – N2.4 billion; Materials and Supplies – N97 million; Maintenance – N107 million; N160 million for fuel; N260 million for Financial Charges; N50 million for staff promotion; and Conduct of Election – N800 million.

In the budget proposal, N10 million was earmarked for Creche Maintenance; Monthly Supervision of states offices by National Commissioners and Security Allowances for Public Officers – N100 million; and Electoral Hazard and Allowances – N11.6 billion .

The N11.6 billion allowance is quite different from N600 million life insurance for INEC staff.

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