2023: Power must shift to the south - Moniedafe, APC Chairmanship aspirant declares.

A National Chairmanship Aspirant in the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) from Adamawa State, Sunny Sylvester Moniedafe on Friday said power should shift to the south come 2023.

He endorsed a southern Presidency while officially declaring his intention to contest the position of the national chairman of the party in the forthcoming national convention later June.

"The truth be told that come 2023, the Presidential candidate of our party should come from the Southern part of the country. Either from the west or the east or south, all I know is that the ticket should go to the south," he declared.

Declaring his intention to run, the Chairmanship aspirant said, "the National Secretariat of the APC under my unflinching leadership will see to the increased impact and effectiveness in service delivery.

"If given the opportunity to serve as National Chairman of the APC my team will first of all reaffirm the respect for and supremacy of the party's constitution, and ensuring its effective implementation, whilst maintaining utmost discipline.

"I will put every bit of my energy to institute an effective working synergy among all party structures and arms of government, which is critical to ensuring that promises made during campaigns are not mere rhetoric, but will be accelerated and fulfilled to the letter for the good of Nigeria and its citizens, as well as an excellent global relation. This can only be achieved with the various arms of government, consisting of the Executive, the Legislative and the Judicial working in tandem and in synergy to uphold the party's policies, plans and programmes.

"My dealings as a National Chairman will exhibit absolute transparency in the party's affairs as one of its hallmark. We will be free of any form of influence or corruption whatsoever.

"A key focus of my leadership will also be on an effective reward system for party faithfuls. It is incontestable that there are many loyal APC party members who are great patriots of our dear country, rich with intellect and who want to give their all in furtherance of the party agenda for the nation. We will look out for them wherever they are, and at whatever levels, and give them a chance."

Moniedafe, who started his political journey about three decades ago, said his leadership will adopt adequate data- enabled planning with the aim of coming up with sustainable policies that will deliver the goods to Nigerians as a whole.

"In a democracy, political party platforms are the vehicle in which political office is sought with a view to making positive difference in governance and development across all levels, we will create the political awareness among members on the need to jealously guard democracy and our party as an embodiment of expression and fulfillment of ideas.

"At every levels of the party structure job descriptions will be clearly spelt out in every role, and officers will be expected to support the main frame of the party and its elected officials towards delivering service to the people through policies and programmes. We will mean business and we will do what we say we will do."

From Anjola Folajimi - Abuja.

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