A 70 year old female Spiritualist has been reported to lead local hunters in Zuguruma, Mashega Local Government Area of Niger State to completely exterminate troublesome Bandits in the area using ‘’juju”.

It was a spectacular performance looking like an old piece of Yoruba serial, ARELU where charms were utilized at the time of Apartheid that made General Olusegun Obasanjo to suggest then that Nigeria should march on the White oppressors with Nigerian “juju”.

Reports said the unnamed woman spiritualist had requested that all the local hunters be sprinkled with the blood of a killed dog while two male virgins led them to the forest hideout of the bandits.

She ordered the local hunters to start shooting into the air but the Bandits who could see no one also shot sporadically like blind men until they exhausted their ammunition and forty of them were killed in the onslaught.

It was gathered that one of the commanders of the Bandits who wanted to display a bravado act to confront the team of the female spiritualist was arrested with a wave of the hand and killed.

Another of the Bandit commanders who came to town to get some victuals including recharge cards and food was arrested via a native discerning "juju" and handed over to the police.

The acts of the Niger State woman is why many people fear the South West Security outfit, AMOTEKUN which is on the verge of taking off as her members are under training and enabling laws are in the process of legislative approvals.

When contacted, the Acting Police Public Relations Officer for Niger State, Uthman Umar said he is yet to be briefed on such spectacular feat.

- By Eniola Olatunji.

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