72-year-old Modupe Alakija hubby of Africa’s richest woman turns fighter, suspended by Ikoyi club.

Modupe Alakija, the 72-year-old husband of oil mogul, Folorunsho Alakija has been seriously dealt with by one of the social clubs he belongs to, Ikoyi club, Lagos, for gross misconduct.

Alakija who is also the chairman of the family owned oil business, FAMFA Oil unfortunately became a street fighter in a prestigious club like Ikoyi Club and was correspondingly suspended for assaulting a fellow member.

His victim, a prominent member of the club, was reportedly ‘rude’ to him and before one could say Jack Robinson, Alakija dazed the guy with a blinding slap.

The man also responded with an equally blinding slap and pounced on Alakija, who didn’t see the ferocious attack coming.

But the FAMFA chairman regained his momentum and both of them landed on the floor with the victim getting pummeled on all sides. Eventually, he was extricated from the grip of Alakija well battered.

For his unruly behavior, he got a year suspension which is to end in November of 2022.

Alakija reportedly parades himself like a demi god who likes friends and associates to worship the ground he walks on for being the husband of a wealthy oil mogul.

Unfortunately, his ego has been badly punctured from the outcome of that incident.

Patmos Media Line cannot tell whether Mr. Alakija is making an appeal, finding a truce with his brawling partner or leaving the club in shame.

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