98 year old childless woman stabbed to death by hoodlums in her house.

Hoodlums, over the weekend, stabbed a 98-year-old woman to death at her residence in Amafo, Ovoko, Igbo-Eze South L.G.A of Enugu State.

Her decomposing body was discovered days after.

It was gathered that the woman who has never had a child was last seen on Friday when she visited her ailing brother in the neighborhood.

Her nephew, Victor Onyeke, told Vanguard that the family got the news of her death from a member of the community who perceived an unpleasant odor emanating from her house.

Onyeke said the hoodlums stabbed her in the neck and carted her handset and other valuables, adding that other body parts were intact.

The nephew said: “She lived alone in her apartment because she didn’t bear any child. When we got the news of her death, we were shocked because she was not sick. We rushed to her residence only to discover that her decomposing body already smelled.

“I discovered that her face was covered with clothing, however, when I uncovered her, I noticed that she was stabbed to death on the neck region and left in the pool of her blood. It was such a shocking revelation.

“At that point, we rushed to the Igbo-Eze South Police Division to make our report about her death.

“After the inspection of her remains, the policemen who came with us confirmed that she was murdered and vowed to fish out the perpetrators.

“Her remains have been deposited at the Bishop Shanahan Mortuary in Nsukka metropolis,” he explained.

Members of the community called on both the state and local governments to come to their aid and restore sanity to the community, adding that they no longer sleep with both eyes closed.

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