A Marriage Where Couples Don't Make Love Is Heading Towards Destruction - Bishop Oyedepo.

The General Overseer of Winners Chapel, Bishop David Oyedepo, has made it known to his followers on Instagram that intimacy is the only bond that keeps husband and wife together.

According to Bishop Oyedepo, a marriage where one partner is starving the other partner of intimacy is heading towards destruction.

He said spouses should be available for each other; otherwise, their partners will be tempted to go to someone else who will accept them, since the burning desire should be satisfied.

He sent a strong message to wives who turn down their husbands whenever men are in the mood.

If the man does not get what he wants from his wife, he may be tempted to have extramarital affairs.

Oyedepo made them understand that when couples are married, they become one body forever until death separates them.

This is completely true because the Bible says the same thing.

We should be hearing more of these messages from the house of God so that they will help married couples stay together.

Source Opera News.

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