Actress Rachel Oniga Through The Years: Childhood, Marriage, Career And Death.

As the world joins her family and colleagues in mourning her death, we take a look at her life over the years.

Late. Mrs. Rachel Oniga had become a household name since she first introduced herself to the world as an actress in 1993. The actress hails from Eku, in Delta State, and was born on 23rd May 1957 and died on 30th July, 2021 at the age of 67.

In an interview with Punch Newspaper, the actress said her passion for acting began at a young age. Rachel also discussed her desire to be an actress as a child, recognizing her talents as early as primary school.

Because she went to an all-girls school, she always played male roles whenever they performed in school and would often dress in her younger brother's clothes.

Despite discovering her talent early on, the actress did not appear onscreen, but instead tried her hand at business, making and selling shoes, which she later abandoned and blamed on debt. She later got a job with an engineering and consulting firm. Which she quit after getting married and having three children.

Unfortunately, the marriage did not last, and her ex-husband abandoned her for another woman. As a result, she turned to acting for her children. In a 2017 interview, the actress revealed that after her failed marriage, she was "determined to demonstrate to [her ex-husband] that she could live without a man." This prompted her to send all of her children to boarding school so she could focus on her career, and she admitted that it was one of the most difficult decisions she had to make as a mother.

When asked about her first on-screen experience as an actress, she stated, "I was provided with a costume, make-up, and other necessities.

"After the first scene, they asked if I'd ever spoken in front of a camera. "I told them it was my first time, but they didn't believe me. "The director was astounded that I didn't show any stage fright even though it was my first time. That's how it all started.

Rachel said she has no regrets or regrets about her career and the fact that she could have been richer if she had continued her career as a computer programmer.

Since beginning her career in 1993, she has appeared in dozens of films in both English and Yoruba.

Her first film was the hit Onome, and her second film, Owo Blow, was in the Yoruba-speaking film industry.

The actress, who appeared in more than 100 films, died at the age of 64 after a battle with heart disease.

Jide Kosoko, the president of the Association of Performing and Moving Arts Practitioners of Nigeria, also confirmed her death in an Instagram post.

He posted a photo of Rachel smiling, dressed in a blue gown and adorned with jewelry, with the caption "RIP." Source used: Punch, Wikipedia.

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