Aftermath of volcanic eruption, 230 Nigerian Medical students trapped in the Southern Caribbean.

Levi Odoe, consul-general of St. Vincent and the Grenadines, says 230 Nigerian medical students are trapped in the Southern Caribbean after a volcano erupted in the region.

The region is a group of islands that is near mainland South America.

The Caribbean island of St. Vincent erupted in April after decades of inactivity. The volcano has been reportedly dormant since 1979.

Speaking on the development, Senate President Ahmad Lawan said the National Assembly is making efforts to ensure that the students are safely returned to Nigeria.

Lawan stated this when he received Odoe at his office on Wednesday.

“Let me commiserate with you on the volcanic eruptions that took place in the Island. St. Vincent and the Grenadines is a country that is very friendly with our country Nigeria over a long time,” Ola Awoniyi, Lawan’s aide, quoting his principal as saying in a statement.

“We have many bilateral and multilateral interactions and we appreciate your cooperation, support and partnership over time with our country.

“It is rather sad that you had volcanic eruptions that have caused serious damage in the Island. I’m also saddened by the loss of lives and of course the situation of the Nigerian medical students who are now trapped in the Island.

“When we sit here at the national assembly, we represent every Nigerian wherever that Nigerian is. Therefore, it is our responsibility and obligation to take all the necessary measures to ensure that the Nigerian students who are trapped are brought back safely to Nigeria until the situation is remedied.

“It is also the attitude of our country to come in support of countries and our friends. So, when we have issues like this that require empathy and support of our country, we will look into it definitely with a view to finding some kind of support for the island.”

Earlier, Odeo said he visited Lawan to seek Nigeria’s intervention for the island and rescue of the 230 students.

“They (stranded Nigerian students) have been calling me requesting to see what can be done and I thought to myself, that the best thing to do will be to request an audience with his Excellency, the senate president,” the envoy said.

“So, we are here to request any assistance at all that can be given to the Island and to Nigerians that are stranded there.”

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