Alibaba goes volatile on National TV calling politicians who said Covid is a scam bunch of idiots.

Nigeria’s foremost comedian, Atunyota Alleluya Akpobome popularly known as Alibaba is passive and vehement over persons especially politicians who say the Covid-19 pandemic is a scam.

Appearing on Arise Television interview programme Tuesday monitored by Patmos Media Line, Alibaba gave Presenters of the program a swell time trying to calm him down and avoid abusive words on television.

Instead Alibaba who spoke virtually from the comfort of his home office roared: “It is wicked for any idiot to say Covid is a scam. I have been in Isolation centre and have the personal experience. I wish them a stay at the Isolation centre”.

“I saw and heard patients begin to be given oxygen, please do not trivialize this discussion by calling me a Comedian now, this is serious matter. It’s not funny at all. I will keep my Oxygen mask till I die”, Alibaba said.

“I was in room 4. A guy in Room 5 died at 3am after begging for oxygen. I used up 8 cylinders while someone used 20 cylinders”.

He said Nigeria’s problem started long ago when she neglected the primary health care centres which was closer to the people and Nigeria needs to go bac and upgrade these health facilities.

He recalled his younger days when he took vaccination against malaria and was using ‘Sunday Sunday Medicine’ as prevention before the noble process was eroded under modernity.

Alibaba opined that polio was epidemic in the Northern part of Nigeria because they refused vaccination until groups like Rotary came in to help.

He paid glowing tribute to Medical Doctors who he said attended to him and other patients with minimal protection.

“If you have a donation to give, please take it to Isolation centres and give these Health workers, they are wonderful fellows”.

He pleaded with Nigerians to adhere strictly to Covid-19 protocols.

Alibaba said it was stupid for anyone to be afraid of being stigmatized because they had the Coronavirus asking, “what is in this?” He promised to continue to share his experience.

He had spent the Christmas and New Year at the Isolation Centre before being discharged

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