All terrorists of Nigeria shall be knocked down before 2021 ends - Pastor Mrs. Folu Adeboye.

Wife of the General Overseer of the Redeem Christian Church of God (RCCG), Pastor Mrs. Folu Adeboye has prophesied that all terrorists in Nigeria in every facet of life shall before the end of 2021 be knocked down by Jehovah Saboath called the Lord of Hosts.

Leading a special prayer at the February Holy Ghost night on Friday night in the virtual programme monitored by Patmos Media Line, Mrs. Adeboye quoted spuriously from the Biblical encounter of the Mighty Goliath and small boy David saying that despite the prowess and weaponry of Goliath, the God of the Armies of Israel knocked down Goliath before David.

“Brethren, we have no guns or charms but our God shall knock down devastatingly every oppressor and terrorist of Nigeria in due time”, she said.

Mrs. Adeboye prayed against educational terrorists who have locked down Nigeria’s educational institutions emphasizing tertiary outfits especially Universities that were on lockdown for months making Nigerian youths redundant. Watch it, these educational terrorists shall soon be knocked down, Mrs. Adeboye declared.

She led the congregation connected all over the world to pray against Political and financial terrorists saying we care less about their powers or positions but hey shall be knocked down by Jehovah in a terrible manner.

She assured that Nigeria shall before the end of 2021 be delivered by God from Terrorists and Nigeria shall miraculously know peace.

News Media had reported Fulani herdsmen invading her husband’s home place in Osun State wondering wither the spiritual power of the famous Pastor Adeboye to deliver his people.

Mrs. Adeboye assured all Christian faithful that God who had delivered them from several terrible situations will perform greater and wonderful deliverance without saints carrying any physical weapon.

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