All UNILAG Governing Council Members may resign and invite EFCC to investigate the institution.

The heat of the submission of the University of Lagos Visitation Panel seems to be generating resignations and protests of the members of the Governing Council of the Institution and Patmos media Line learnt it might be turned to the Economic and Financial Crime Commission EFCC.

First it was the Chairman of the Council, Dr. Babawale Babalakin last Thursday before Friday witnessed two submissions. Patmos Media Line learnt that two more from the Representatives of the Federal Government might follow on Monday.

Dr. Saminu Dagari submitted his on Friday night after Mr. Bayo Adaralegbe had shoved in his letter.

The chairman of council and pro chancellor of the university, Dr. Babawale Babalakin, was the first to tender his resignation on Thursday. His resignation came few hours after the Special Visitation Panel set up by the Federal Government to look into the affairs of the university submitted its report to the Education Minister, Malam Adamu Adamu, in Abuja.

In a letter to the education minister, Babalakin said the membership of the Visitation Panel was simply inappropriate in the circumstance, adding that their obvious agenda was to humiliate the governing council.

The tone of the letter of Mr. Bayo Adaralegbe, was different as he insisted that his continued stay as a member of the council will dishonor his late father, Prof. Adeniji Adaralegbe’s memory.

Dagari was a key player in the corruption investigation saga against the former vice chancellor of the university, Prof Toyin Ogundipe. He headed a Sub Committee that investigated the finances of the University under the former vice chancellor.

Adaralegbe is one of the Federal Government appointees on the Council. He works in Babalakin’s Chambers.

Adaralegbea Federal Government nominee lauded Babalakin’s contributions to the University and accused the former Vice-chancellor removed by the Babalakin-led Council, Prof. Toyin Ogundipe of threatening to beat him up over alleged falsification of interview results.

According to him, “Aside a Samsung Telephone set, an Ipad device and the sum as sitting allowance per meeting, I did not in any way benefit materially, directly or through third parties from University of Lagos, certainly a rarity by today’s Nigerian standard (unless of course one wants to add the admission of a few candidates that I requested from the University management). Our Council took its work very seriously. We served very selflessly, very diligently and worked extremely hard to manage the scarce resources of the University and improve its standing.”

He added, “Dr. Babalakin provided very strong moral leadership as Pro Chancellor and Chairman of Council. He kept scrupulously to the promise he made at our maiden Council meeting not to bid for, or be awarded contracts from the University. He actually did more. By December 2019 he had poured approximately N100 million of his own personal resources on different endeavors in the University. At the time this situation arose, he was in the process of transferring to the University (at no cost to it) 40 hectares of land he owned in Ogudu, Lagos to address its staff housing problems. Those of us Federal Government appointees followed his strong moral leadership.”

“Recent developments have, unfortunately, made my continued stay on the Governing Council of the University of Lagos very untenable. I experienced first-hand, the Vice Chancellor of a University falsifying interview results for the position of Director of Works. Professor Toyin Ogundipe threatened to beat me up during an interview session for the position of Director of Works because I resisted his attempt to falsify interview results. It was also in University of Lagos that I experienced a Vice Chancellor attempting to appoint a Professor in respect of a discipline that the University did not have a department, did not admit undergraduate or postgraduate students, and through a one page Memorandum to the Pro-Chancellor that touted the candidate as an ‘agent of change.’

“I consider my continued stay on the Governing Council of University of Lagos, a serious dishonor and desecration of my late father’s memory, Professor Adeniji Adaralegbe.”

The two other Federal Government nominated members of the Governing Council expected to file in their resignation on Monday said all that Prof. Ogundipe told the panel were unbelievable lies, fabrications and deceit which is against the corruption drive of the Buhari Administration.

A source close to the Education Ministry say that the ministry is at a cross road at the counsel to give the President on the matter.

Although Dr. Babalakin said he has moved on with the UNILAG matter it was learnt that some members of the Council are spoiling to invite the EFCC to investigate the University.

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