Alleged ritual killing: Timothy Adegoke body parts intact – Autopsy report.

Report of the autopsy conducted on the body of Timothy Adegoke, the dead Obafemi Awolowo University’s (OAU), a postgraduate student was on Wednesday submitted by Pathologists that conducted the test to Osun State Police Command and the force headquarters in Abuja.

According to sources close to the Osun police command headquarters, the autopsy report was submitted Wednesday evening.

Part of the report revealed that Adegoke died of severe trauma while his internal and external organs were intact.

The findings were contrary to accusations that the proprietor of the hotel where he was said to have died used some of his body parts for rituals.

The proprietor who also owns Oduduwa University, Ile-Ife Dr. Rahman Adedoyin was remanded in custody by an Abuja court after the Inspector General of Police directed that the case be transferred to Abuja and taken to court immediately.

The general public was already accusing the police of taking bribe hence the preferential treatment given the accused but the police denied such saying he will have to be declared guilty of ritual killings by the court which was waiting for the autopsy report.

On the autopsy, the source also revealed, “the internal organs like heart, kidney, livers and others could not be subjected to test because they are already in the advanced decomposition stage as at the time of carrying out the test, so they could not do that.

“They could not do a toxicology test on the body because the stomach has decomposed and was melting while they are carrying out the test.

“The autopsy report established that both internal and external organs are complete, they are in a normal position that they are ought to be.

“Severe trauma led to the death. I don’t know the type of trauma that he was subjected to before his death because the severe trauma that was arrived at was an open-ended conclusion. Trauma could be as a result of hitting him with sticks or he falls, or sickness, or anything”.

The deceased’s elder brother, Gbade Adegoke confirmed that the family was informed that the report is out but was not avail its details.

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