Amnesty International alerts of threats to staff in Nigeria with an order to get out of Nigeria.

Human rights group, Amnesty International has raised an alarm over threats to staff in Nigeria but said irrespective of the development, it will not back down in its fight against injustice.

“Amnesty International draws the attention of the Nigerian authorities and the general public to the intimidation and outright threats of attacks that were issued against its staff, supporters, and premises by a faceless and unknown group at a press conference held on 4 November 2020,” the group said in a statement on its Twitter handle on Friday.

“Similar faceless groups had previously invaded our office and given us ultimatum to leave Nigeria. Amnesty International is a global human rights movement and we are independent of any government.”

In spite of these attacks, Amnesty international restated this “we will not stay silent. In the face of efforts to evade responsibility or to smear our organization, we will continue to raise our voices whenever and wherever we see injustice.”

While saying it is not affiliated to any government, ideology, or interest, and have been working in Nigeria since June 1967, it said “the Nigerian authorities owe a legal duty to ensure the protection of lives and properties what every person in the country.

“Malicious threats will not deter us from continuing to speak against human rights violation and abuses by state and non-state actors.”

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