Arewa cautions El-Rufai over reckless demolition of markets, it causes untold hardship.

The Arewa Consultative Forum (ACF) on Monday cautioned the Kaduna State government over market demolitions in the state saying it would cause untold hardship and lead to more insecurity

In a statement on Monday by the state Publicity Secretary of the body, Shehu Samaila, demolition of markets will result in displacements of individuals, rendering them economically vulnerable, which may result in increased insecurity in the state.

The statement said the state government should consider some form of relief to displaced individuals either by considering allocations of alternative business places or some form of compensations where necessary before the exercise.

Although the organization commended the state for its foresight to improve the markets, it noted that demolition would negatively affect the economic status of business owners.

The ACF urged the state government to remodel the state vigilante group, equip them to achieve the desired objective.

It frowned on the payment of ransom to kidnappers, noting that doing so would further embolden the hoodlums.

Meanwhile, Kaduna State from reports has witnessed massive demolition of markets to remodel them into internationally acceptable standards

Though some markets are nearing completion, no compensation was paid to shop owners, many shop owners who got their livelihood from the market have fallen into one ailment or the other due to hardship following the demotion exercise, Newspot gathered.

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