Arewa Consultative Forum warns Northerners against travelling to the South East.

The North is cringing about the state of insecurity in the South East and has directed Northerners through The Arewa Consultative Forum (ACF) not to travel to the South-East for now in view of the prevailing security situation.

It advised in a statement by the National Chairman of ACF, Chief Audu Ogbe, on Monday that if embarking on the trip becomes necessary they should employ the services of security agents.

The statement said it noticed of late with increasing concern the attacks on/killing of Northerners resident and or visiting the South, particularly the South East.

“It was so bad at a point in February this year that the northern traders who normally supply the food needs of the south, the Amalgamated Union Food and Cattle Distributors of Nigeria (AUFCDN), embarked on strike action to make the point that their lives also mattered.

“The ACF was among those who put pressure, on, and ultimately convinced, the AUFCDN to call off the strike. The ACF did that in the spirit of ONE NIGERIA.

“Yesterday, Sunday, May 30, 2021, one of the leaders in the north was brutally murdered on the streets of Owerri Imo state by gunmen, most likely of IPOD and Eastern Security Network (ESN), who have been waging a public campaign of killings and other forms of brutalities, to realise their dream country of Biafra.

“The Arewa Consultative Forum (ACF) hereby issues a very strong advisory to all northerners who may wish to travel to the South-East.

“Northerners to weigh the importance and necessity of such travels. Unless such trips are absolutely necessary and of compelling nature, like matters of life and death, they should NOT be made.

“And where the trip must be undertaken, the traveller should take every security precaution in his or her movements while there, including linking with the security agencies at the place/places to be visited.

The Arewa Consultative Forum (ACF) also wishes to call, with the strongest voice, on the Security Agencies to do everything possible to apprehend those who assassinated Alh. (Barr) Ahmed Gulak and bring them to justice.

“The lives of northerners, and indeed of ALL Nigerians matter, and the ACF cannot keep mute when our people, and indeed all Nigerian, are murdered in cold blood by misguided and atrocious people.

“Unfortunately in the midst of this entire serious national crisis, it would appear that the entire narrative from the South East has been taken over by IPOB and so-called unknown gunmen to the exclusion of established leaders. This is worrisome.”

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