Arrest major bandit leaders, Dogo Gide and Baleri – Sanni Shehu tells FG.

Senator Shehu Sani has disturbed over the growing insecurity in the Northern part of the country especially Kaduna his base where bandits have attacked, killed and abducted several persons in the last four days,

On Saturday, these daredevil bandits abducted babies with their mothers and some nurses in a hospital in Kaduna. They had previously abducted worshippers in Bethel Church and Tuesday morning, they reportedly abducted several students in a secondary school. All these abductions have happened within four days.

Shehu Sani, while commenting on this and other attacks by the bandits in Kaduna State, said that the federal government should arrest two major bandit leaders by name, Dogo Gide and Baleri.

According to him, the arrest of these two men who are allegedly masterminding terrorism in the Northern region is what Nigerians need.

"In Kaduna state within three days, the Bandits kidnapped more students and Babies and Nurses from Our hospitals; they raided the Bethel Church and also abducted 13 women going to a wedding. The arrest we need is that of Dogo Gide and Baleri, the masterminds of this terrorism", Shehu Sani says.

The incessant attacks and abductions of innocent and defenseless citizens by bandits have caused a lot of tension in the country.

We hope that these bandit leaders and others will be arrested by the security operatives very soon.

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