Arrest of nine Imo jail breakers in Ghana fake!!!

Ghana airwaves have been in panic mode since the news of arrested Imo jail breakers.

News is an intentional attempt to mislead the masses, with an agenda to set Nigerians up for xenophobic attacks by ordinary Ghanaians.

We will recall in 2018, similar propaganda and series of fake news watered and fertilized the land of hate in the heart of the people before the crusade of closing Nigerian shops, pulling down of the Nigerian mission house in ACCRA, and another open attack on Nigerians which lasted until Covid - 19 locked down eased the situation a bit.

Nigerians were arrested for border trespass; among them are a married couple and other girls.

The Nigeria Government through her high commission in Ghana, according to our investigation did not submit any list of wanted person to Ghana Authorities for Imo jailbreak. The people arrested have identity cards and passports, how would a jail breaker acquire a passport in less than two weeks?

The Nigerian community in Ghana has put a check after a visit to the suspects, They do not match any history of prison escapees.

A prominent Nigerian in Ghana told Patmos Media Line that, “Nigeria will be so happy if Ghana could deport and receive them if they are jail breakers but trying to bank on our situation for selfish interest will no longer be condoned.

“The Ghanaian police or Customs do not have any evidence to suggest they are escapees and have denied given any information to the public in that regard”.

“All media houses propagating such hate with baseless media war and fake news must desist henceforth or face a legal battle from the Nigerian communities”.

One of the mockeries of the arrest in Ghana is said to be a couple that were arrested for jail break in Owerri, Imo. Our source asked “how can a couple be jailed in Owerri for same offence and they find their way to Ghana. This is mischievous”, the source said.

The spoke person of the Nigerian In Diaspora Organization NIDO in a telephone conversation promised legal action against people crusading hate agenda against Nigerians.

The president of the Nigerian traders Union in Ghana in a telephone conversation said, “It is not just fake news, it is a media war Nigeria must be ready to fight and win.

The All Nigerian Community spokesperson was also very upset about it, “We will not sit and watch,” he said.

When contacted the Nigerian embassy in Ghana simply said they could not talk to the Press now as they are on their own investigation over the reports.

A press conference scheduled by the Nigerian Mission in Ghana for Wednesday was pushed for the arrival and welcoming of the New Deputy Ambassador to Ghana who arrived in the country today.

While we wait for an official press conference, Nigerian leaders in Ghana have asked Nigerians in Ghana to remain calm, no cause for panic as all Nigerian bodies are on top of the matter.

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