Arrested killer Herdsman: Nigerian military helicopters bring us food and ammunitions after raids.

Could the Nigerian military be truly complicit in supporting the Fulani Herdsmen in their criminal activities against humanity by raping, killing and kidnapping the people?

Gerau Dandawo, one of three armed Fulani cattle Herders arrested by a local vigilante in a community in South-South Nigeria, claimed that Nigeria Military jets provide them with weapons in the forest where they usually hide after carrying out an attack.

A vigilante chief who pleaded for anonymity told Gazette Africa that the armed cattle Herders were arrested on Sunday after a tip-off by a hunter who saw them in the forest on Saturday night.

The vigilante Chief alleged that last week Thursday, a girl who went to the farm with her mother was raped by the Herders who also stabbed the mother. So on Sunday, a hunter who saw them in the forest informed us.

According to him, when we got there, the Fulani herdsmen attacked us but we overpowered and arrested them. They confessed that military jets provided them with weapons and food in the forest.

Going further, the Vigilante chief said the herders are still in their custody and they will not hand them over to the police because the ones they caught before and gave to the police were released without their knowledge. In several places in Nigeria, reports are that orders from the Police Headquarters will come to prove whether any Southerner on Vigilante work or who defended himself with a gun was first investigated whether he has a permit to carry the weapon. Report say in some instances the weapons were seized depending on the status of the person involved, or warned never to take the law into his hands even when there was an established case of self defense.

Several kidnapped victims have told the media after release that the bandits told them that top people in Government gave them guns to carry out their activities and any objection will be met with death for which the police will release them within 48 hours of arrest.

Patmos Media Line recalls that a case of some bandits who raided a Correctional Centre in Plateau State to release their arrested colleagues and were themselves arrested only to gain mysterious freedom in an organized jail break has been swept under the carpet as usual. An attempt to prove the veracity of this story met with fear on those approach within and without the military or security circle but a serving Colonel became a journalist asking journalist questions and giving assignments for research when he cited former Head of State, Late Sanni Abacha who said when an insurgent lasts more than 72 hours, it has the hand of government and charged this Reporter to go and operate on that viz a viz the present Nigerian situation.

When this Editor asked the Reporter his reaction to his emergency Chief Reporter our Reporter said, “Oga, I gave him Fela’s answer o, oro pa esi je now, meaning it has become a JAMB question.”V

Source: Official Facebook Page of Gazette Africa

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