Death may be walking the highbrow area of Maitama of the Nation’s capital, Abuja if further reports streaming in on Atiku’s son are true.

It was learnt that his wife and children have tested negative to the dreaded Coronavirus disease and the children were allowed to go to school and freely mix with their colleagues.

It was learnt that the truth was that former Vice President knew that his son was positive to the virus while he was in Uk and advised him to stay back and treat himself there but the fellow was deviant to the pleadings of his father.

The son had personally informed his father while in UK but would not listen to any stuff from his father.

Alhaji Atiku Abubakar.

He flew back to Nigeria and was told at the airport to start self-quarantine from there but he refused and allegedly forced his way to take an AERO flight to Abuja.

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reported that the NCDC had announced that Atiku’s son tested positive on his return from an international trip.

The Chief Operating Officer of AERO Airline, Capt. Ado Sanusi said Atiku’s son wore face mask and had limited contact with passengers and crew members throughout his flight from Lagos.

The source said former VP Atiku and his daughter had to resolve to make the Tweeter release after they had joined the Estate members to call in the police on him on Saturday. He lives at the Taslee Palm City Estate, Uruguay Street Maitama in Abuja.

Contrary to a fellow who claims to be Atiku Abubakar’s spokesman, it was confirmed that the guy actually went for Jumat service on Friday and same night went for a drink session with friends and wife at an Abuja club which has not up till this moment denied it shut down over the happenings.

It was the Friday events that made his sister to convince the father to take crucial action to save the name of the family. Reports say Alhaji Atiku was worried silly about his son’s continuous behavior which he was not used to.

The fellow may be taking treatment at the Gwagwalada Specialist Hospital but what about the many kids that was in contact with his children in school before he was forced to go to the hospital by the police?

- Eniola Olatunji.

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