Attempt by Ghanaian ritualist to kidnap Nigeria child in Ghana fails.

A little girl born to a Nigerian parent living at Ablekuma Fan milks area almost lost their daughter to a ritualist by the Name Stephen Odokor who lives one kilometer away from the scene of the incident.

Mr. Odokor is married man with 5 children; owns a Barbing shop at Santa Maria area while a man claiming to be his pastor said he has been operating that shop for 12 years.

According to our source, on that faithful day, the little girl was outside their home which is close to the main road; Mr. Odokor had a towel wrapped around his waist with an Uber car waiting on the main road.

He suddenly started leading the child who was playing around the house away.

According to the Father of the child Mr. Ben, “the girl hardly follows anyone since she is their only child, she is not used to many people” he said in tears.

The wife’s sister saw from afar Mr. Donkor leading the child away, she screamed, Mr. Odokor started running with the child, forcing the market people around to chase him, then he threw the child into a ditch to continue his run, making her sustain several bruises.

When was apprehended by the mob. He was taken to a police station.

We apologize for this amateur video.

According to a statement recorded directly from Mr. Donkor, he was in police cells for above one week before he paid 1200 Ghana cedis and was released, the case has gone to court.

The prosecution amazingly pleaded with the court to take Mr. Donkor for mental examination, claiming Mr. Odokor is insane.

He has since been working freely while the parent of the child is fighting hard to save the life of the child.

The police have advised the parent of the child to go settle out of court.

1. We now have mad men who have a license to kidnap and kill.

2. His pastor and one other have been given him so much support and assistance which raises some suspicions.

3. The suspect said he is sane he only took Akpeteshi ( which is a local alcoholic drink) a night before yet the police are forcing us to believe he is a mad man.

4. A mad man that lives with 5 children and a wife?

5. If the child was a Ghanaian and the suspect a Nigerian will we have been singing the same song? 5. He also claimed the police never visited his house, which means no need for investigation as far she is a Nigerian child.

6. Angel TV aired the news once, since it is not a Nigerian kidnapping a Ghana child, the news must not be allowed to fly.

7. Who has been sponsoring the bail and hotel bills? As the shop is not worth 1000 Ghc .

8. The suspect is also ready to pay if the case goes out of court.

Maybe we just caught the messenger without knowing who sent him…

The suspect has agreed to the fact that he kidnapped the child under the influence of alcohol; he also said he is under pressure for a loan he took, (use your tongue to count your teeth) police tells him shut up you are a mad man, it is the Nigerians with big cars in Kasoa (a settlement in Ghana) that are kidnappers and ritualist.

This man was arrested with the child in hand, for him to be roaming the streets, getting support of pastors and church members; having children numbering five in his house when our team visited, still dashed out 50 Ghc notes.

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