Bandits plan to raid schools and abduct school children in Oyo State and South West region.

Bandits coming from Niger and Zamfara states.

Patmos Media Line is in custody of information that Kidnappers and bandits have concluded plans to raid schools in the South West region of Nigeria starting with Oyo State.

The notice from the Director of Schools, MOEST,Oyo State sent the information to Patmos Media Line on Wednesday.

It was further revealed that the bandits are mapping out targets in the states and gradually building armed fortresses as they seem affiliated to bandits in Northern Nigeria.

The Bandits are reportedly located at Oke Ogun, Yewa in Ogun and Ondo states respectively. According to the information, the groups are coordinated and linked with the kidnappers in Niger, Zamfara and Kaduna States.

The Director who did not put his or her name in the notice, pleaded that we and any other people who might have received their information assist to inform all principals to reinforce security in the schools.

The notice said Security agencies have been alerted.

When contacted, Human Rights Activist, Mashood Erubami who admitted he read about it insisted that it cannot happen in Yorubaland though we also have forests which have become a haven for bandits to operate.

He argued that any attempt will quickly expose them and their sponsors because Yorubas are different.

“Let me tell you authoritatively there shall be no economic banditry here. No part time banditry and jobs for intermediaries here in Yorubaland’’.

According to Mr, Erubami some leaders shred money from Dasuki and it is unfortunate that Nigeria has not resolved that hence the economic banditry in the north to recover some lost status.

He adivised Principals and parents not to panic as our own security apparatus, the Amotekun and OPC have been alerted.

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