The emergence of the month of Ramadan when fasting is compulsory for the Muslims always herald the spiritual and moral upliftment of individuals and the society at large, through full month fast, night prayers (Qiyamu Layl), abstinence in conjugal relation in the day, good deeds, charity, and fasting with all members of our body (Qur’an 2:183-189). Perhaps it is a month of training and re-training of the Faithfuls to rededicate, as university of Allah as the creator and source of all goodness, truth and beauty. (Q. 36:81:59:24). Perhaps it is a period of re-awakening the spirits of man as a responsible, dignified, and Honourable agent of Allah on earth. (Q.2:30; 32:9). Perhaps it is a month of spiritual retreat for man to reflect on the limitless Blessing of Allah on him as everything in heaves and the earth are subjected to the service of mankind. (Q.2:29; 22:65, 31:20; 45:13). Perhaps it is a Blessed month when the mercy and forgiveness of Allah are sent down on the children of Adam for restraining themselves from the good things of Allah within the limit of their power and capacity for the sake of the Almighty. (Q.2:283, 286). Perhaps Ramadan is a unique when high integrity and sound morality of man is guaranteed as we display high sense of moderation, practicality and balancing in the month of fast. Perhaps Ramadan is a special month of spiritualism when the obligatory acts of faith (Imam), worship (Salat), poor rate (Zakat), fast (Swam), and in fact lesser hajj (Umar) are observed with total submission to the will of Allah. At least. man's responsibility on earth to worship Allah and seek for His pleasure to the highest level during the month of Ramadan (Q.51:57).

Indeed. Satan is in chains in the month of paradise are opened and the seven gates of well are closed. That is perhaps why believers and non-believers shun the negative routes to pools betting, brothels, liquor shops, extravagant par ties, hot dog and flesh of swine shops and other forbidden places in Islam. Truly, the arrival of Ramadan has changed the attitude, behaviour, value and norms in our society. The twin-engine of the machinery of bribery and corruption and all forms of indecencies like nude pictures, obscene talks, back-biting and evil deeds like stealing, armed robbery, pen robbery, assassination, kid napping and others are reduced to the barest minimum. This is one of the miracles about the Blessed month of Ramadan. And the Prophet (SAW) says: "Fasting is a shield or shelter from committing sins. If one of you is fasting, he should avoid obscenity and quarreling, and if somebody should fight or quarrel with him, he should say: I am fasting".

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