Beninese woman who had three children for her biological son, and the son, Adamu deported.

Nigeria may have deported the Beninese woman Patmos Media Line reported had three children for her biological son in Kwara State of Nigeria.

Feelers from the Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC) indicate that the woman, Fati Sime and her son, Adamu who impregnated her and bore the three children for have been repatriated.

However, reports say the second son, who reportedly caught his brother in a sex act with their mother in their farm in the Kiama area of Kwara State and out of jealousy provoked a fight that opened the scandal, has remained on the run.

Operatives of the Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC), Kwara State Command, had arrested Fati and her son on the allegation of incest. The arrest followed a complaint made by the district head of Mose community in Kaima Local Government Area.

Spokesman for Kwara State Command of the NSCDC, Babawale Afolabi confirmed that the incestuous relationship between Fati and her son, Adamu had resulted in the birth of three children.

That is besides the 11 children she had from her husband, Adamu’s father.

Afolabi, while confirming the deportation of the incestuous duo said: “Fati and her first son, Adamu, were deported with directive of the Commandant after the investigation and handed over to the Benin Republic operatives at the border.

“But during investigation, the first son, Adamu confessed that he has been having carnal knowledge of his mother for seven years.”

Recall that the second son had in a fit of jealousy provoked a fight when he discovered his mother and brother engaged in a sex romp in their farm.

According to a source, the discovery by Adamu’s younger brother provoked a fight, which later attracted the attention of other farmers around.

“This later led to the arrest of Adamu and Fati by the operatives of the NSCDC in Moshe Gada outpost in Kaiama. Boni, however, escaped and he is still at large,” the source added.

The age of the lady involved in the incest has, however, not been given.

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