Benue Governor Samuel Ortom reconciles Channels Reporter with his Doc wife in the wife beating case.

The fatherly and Pastoral quality of Benue state governor, Pastor Samuel Ortom came to the fore as he kept in view state matters, picked his Counseling notes to reconcile Benue state Channel’s Television reporter, Pius Angbo with his wife, Doctor Mrs. Ifeyinwa Angbo who were involved in matrimonial imbroglio that led to battering.

Governor Ortom who met with the couple Monday, counseled them to always settle their differences amicably and shun the temptation of engaging in violence.

He stated that as a young couple with great potentials, the husband being a versatile journalist and the wife a medical doctor, there was the need for them to foster a strong union to serve as models to others.

Mr. Pius Angbo in a reaction said he had apologized to his wife over the assault on her, stressing that he also sought the forgiveness of the entire women folk and would make amends going forward.

On her part, Dr. Angbo said she had accepted her husband’s apology and forgiven him, saying their children are still tender and they needed prayers to grow stronger in love and nurture their kids to maturity.

She appreciated Governor Ortom for taking time out of his tight schedule to make peace between them, saying the Governor’s intervention was fatherly and a demonstration of love.

Patmos Media Line could not ascertain the actual cause of dispute but the showing was a situation of congratulations rather than an exchange of blames as the couple embraced themselves severally with amorous kisses on the follow.

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