Bishop Oyedepo curses sponsors of violence in Nigeria, orders members: spend one hour daily praying.

Bishop David Oyedepo of the Living Faith Church has commanded his congregation to spend at least an hour to pray for the judgment of God to fall on everyone causing bloodshed and insecurity in Nigeria. He urged them to pray from Psalms 7:9 and 11, which says;

"Oh let the wickedness of the wicked come to an end; but establish the just: for the righteous God trieth the hearts and reins.

"God judgeth the righteous, and God is angry with the wicked every day."

In the Sunday Service tagged Covenant Day of Settlement, the Bishop told his congregation not to be praying for what they are supposed to be praying against.

"The Bible says suffer not a witch to live. It did not say pray for the witch. There are things to pray for and things to pray against," the Bishop said.

He continued by saying that very few people wore smiles because of the evils arising since this government began ruling. He expressed his anger over the daily deaths in the country, and he claimed that the death toll since this government came into office was higher than the death toll during the civil war.

"Why am I concerned about this?" Bishop Oyedepo asked. "It's because God said all souls are mine. The soul of the northerner is mine, as well as the soul of the southerner. So anybody who kills any of them will see the wrath of God."

He then commanded his congregation to pray in the Holy Spirit for a few minutes, and proceeded to release curses on the sponsors of evil in Nigeria, because, according to him, whenever the children of God pray, God hears and answers.

"The people sponsoring evil in this land will sleep and not wake up. Nigerians will not become fugitives in another man's land. I decree an end to bloodshed, an end to kidnappings and an end to insecurity in the name of Jesus Christ," Bishop Oyedepo prayed.

*For the blood of many that they have wasted, their generations will pay for it.

The error this Nation made in 2015 will never be repeated FOREVER.

The choice of the wicked to sit on the throne of Nigeria will never be repeated.

-This Nation will experience a new order of settlement.

-The God of Vengeance is rising in defence of this Nation today.

You can tell how many destinies have been unsettled by the unsettlement of this Nation: Some Vagabonds making life impossible for local people and do they claim not to know?

We heard it exposed but I knew it before. Fire from now.

You are sons and daughters of the prophet, go invoke the same fire you hear being invoked on this altar, Heaven will answer.

They cut the neck of a Church leader in this kind of AGE. (Church Gist)

If nothing happens, God has not sent me but judgment will be ravaging the land from now.

-Many will sleep and never wake up.

-Many will be struck with blindness in 24 hours.

-Many will be crippled in 3 days.

-My God is turning the table against the wicked.

-Your settlement which has to do with a settled Nation also is concluded today.

-For the blood of many that they have wasted, their generations will pay for it.

Every time the Holy Ghost moves on me in this direction, something happens and I know that I know, in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ whom I served and whose I am: JUDGMENT BEGINS NOW.

You can listen to the full message, as well as his prayers and other comments with this link: Be blessed.

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