Bizarre: If You see a Pineapple outside a house, You should not enter. Why?

While Pineapples may seem like an innocent fruit. It has actually, recently, started being used as a signal for a strange lifestyle secret. This signal is actually an open invitation to join that lifestyle. Which is why, when you see a pineapple in someone’s front yard or porch, you may not want to enter. Below is why, follow me on a serious look at this new strange trend.

Pineapples to share:

If you are ever walking past a house and see a pineapple, do not enter the home, unless you know what it means and you are happy to join in. Pineapples have recently started to be used to signal Swinging parties. Swingers are people who swap their husbands and wives with other people, so that they can spend some time with a new partner, in every sense of the word. Swinging parties is when a group of people meet up to swap their partners. To single people of the party, they put a pineapple outside the front door. So unless you are willing to join the Swinging lifestyle, you may not want to enter the home.

Why did they do this:

Modern day people have been adopting normal things for the symbols to their lifestyles for a while now. In the same way that the LGBTQ community has adopted the rainbow to show love for all people, swingers have adopted the pineapple to as a symbol for themselves. However this doesn’t mean that every house with a pineapple in front of it is for swingers.

However, it is a common symbol now, so much so that it’s being represented by articles on the internet. Regardless of our personal belief, swinging is a lifestyle choice and it should be respected, whether we agree with it or not. Source:

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