British legal firm and the British Consular seek to take over Kanu’s case with FG.

· DSS holds on to form scheduled to be returned to British embassy by Thursday.

A British law firm has sought to take over the legal battle of detained IPOB leader, Nnamdi Kanu who happens to be a British citizen.

IPOB leader’s lawyer, Aloy Ejimakor said he delivered two forms to Kanu on Wednesday during a visit to the office of the Department of State Services (DSS), where he is being detained.

The development, according to Ejimakor, will open up a new chapter in Kanu’s trial, as the Nigerian government will be served with a summons to transport him to the United Kingdom, where a new case would be tried over the manner in which he was returned to Nigeria.

He said, “I went to visit him on Wednesday and went with two forms. One was the consular consent form that the British High Commission required that he signs to consent to consular assistance. There was also a form from his counsel in the UK. The firm is known as Bindmans, one of the largest law firms in the UK.

“The forms will open a whole new chapter of legality, including the filing of a Writ of Mandamus, against the Nigerian government in a UK court to compel it to produce Kanu, because his detention is illegal under the British law. It was an extraordinary rendition, which is an international crime by which a state kidnaps a suspect or a fugitive without the due process of law.

“They will be filing all these processes in the UK and there is a prospect of a UK court assuming universal jurisdiction or extraterritorial jurisdiction and reaching into Kenya so that they can arrest every Kenyan official, either authorized or not and every Nigerian official involved in this case.”

According to the lawyer of the pro-Biafra activist, the DSS collected the forms, saying they must first go through the vetting of its legal unit.

Ejimakor stated that he had yet to be contacted by the DSS despite being told that he would collect them on Thursday.

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