Buhari condoles with Niger Republic over death of 20 kindergarten pupils.

About 24 hours on return from medical trip abroad, President Muhammadu Buhari on Friday expressed deep sorrow over the loss of lives in the fire incident that razed a primary school in Niamey, capital of Niger Republic, killing more than 20 children of kindergarten class.

In a message to President Mohammed Bazoum, the government and people of Nigeria’s northern neighbor, President Buhari described the fire incident leading to the death of the mostly three to five year olds as “heart wrenching and extremely horrific.”

In the condolence message, the President said: “On behalf of the government and people of Nigeria, we commiserate with our brotherly neighbors on this tragic loss. “Our thoughts and prayers are with the victims, families and communities affected by this unfortunate incident. Wishing quick recovery to those who were injured”.

Patmos Media Line had reported that an electrical fault in their thatched classroom resulted in the fire that claimed the babies.

Most Readers in Nigeria who reacted to the news expressed sadness and their condolences at the incident.

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