Buhari’s daughter in Law violated Sharia law, Zahra’s dressing causes uproar on internet.

The Sharia police in the northern part of Nigeria known as Hisbah has been taken to the cleaners for partiality following the controversial pre-wedding pictures of Zahra Ado Bayero, daughter of the Emir of Bichi and the bride to Yusuf Buhari, son of President Muhammadu Buhari.

The pictures of the frozen-themed bridal shower on Tuesday, August 3, surfaced online Wednesday, with many Nigerians questioning why the Emir of Bichi’s daughter would dress ‘indecently’ despite the sharia law guiding them.

Aside Yusuf Buhari’s bride, Sharia police in the northern part of Nigeria known as Hisbah, was also blasted by Nigerians for their 'hypocrisy' when the rich and famous do things contrary to sharia law.

It will be recalled that a young man was forced to shave his hair because Hisbah said it was bushy a terminology in Nigeria referring to long hairs.

The young man was so enraged that he vowed never to worship the Islamic way again in his life a statement that attracted another detention for him and his father, a peasant farmer for not controlling his son.

According to one Abdullahi, a Facebook user who reacted to the pre-wedding pictures, he said that Hisbah ought to arrest the Emir’s daughter for breaking Islamic rules and regulations.

Yusuf Buhari, Nigerian President’s son, is set to tie the knot on the 20th of August, 2021, with the second daughter of Emir of Bichi.

As the wedding is approaching, Yusuf and his bride have also started their pre-wedding festivities with a special Polo Tournament.

The polo tournament was attended by the newly wedded daughter of Bauchi state Governor and her husband.


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