CAC warns customers to revalidate their account before April 1 or be deleted.

The Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) on Monday said that from April 1, 2021, it will disallow accredited customers that fail to revalidate their account.

For other registered entities, the CAC encourage them to update their information, as they are considering an amnesty for certain number of years on annual return filings, but have not worked out the details.

The Registrar General of CAC, Garba Abubakar, who made this known in Abuja on Monday called on companies to update their information on the Commission’s portal as required by law to avoid necessary sanction.

On the purported threat by workers of the Commission to embark on strike on Tuesday, following disagreement with the management, the RG said the union that issued the strike is no longer in existence, hence, cannot carry out such action.

“The union you are talking about, AUPCTRE, is no longer recognized as a senior staff union in CAC because of the decision of the National Industrial Court, that declare AUPCTRE a junior staff union.

“A copy of the judgment has been made available to us and there is no stay of execution on the judgment. To that effect AUPCTRE stopped existing in CAC. It has been dissolved.

“The leadership of the union has been dissolved; staffs of the Commission have been advised to join any organized union of senior staff of their choice. All union dues deductions from staff salaries have been stopped.

“Junior staff has been advised to organize themselves into AUPCTRE or other union of their choice.”

While saying two promotion examinations were conducted within the last two years that seen to the promotion of hundreds of staff and over N330 million salary differentials, Abubakar said his administration has continued to accord priorities to the welfare of workers in the organization.

He said the management successfully cleared all its 2019 pension arrears while pension deductions were duly remitted to relevant bodies in 2020.

He, however, warned that the CAC management will not tolerate disruption of the Commission activities by any group of person under the guise of strike.

“I will come here tomorrow and see whether anybody is going to lock this place because majority of the staff are not ready to go on strike. Majority of the strike are permitted to come to work.

“We will not cordon brigandage; union is not a license for anybody to disrupt government services. CAC is a critical national institution,” he said.

Speaking further, the CAC boss said the organization has launched a new Companies Registration Portal (CRP), which every registration activities can be carried out as well as printing of certificates.

He said with the new sophisticated CRP, the use of courier services in dispatching documents from and to the Commission will soon come to an end.

CAC workers, under the aegis of the Amalgamated Union of Public Corporation Civil Service Technical and Recreational Services Employees (AUPCTRE), had on December 20, 2020, issued 21 days ultimatum to CAC Registrar General to address its grievances or risk industrial action.

The letter titled Notice of a 21-day ultimatum and signed by Musa Ukpo, National acting General Secretary of AUPCTRE, accused the CAC management of injustice, anti-workers’ posture, pettiness, victimization, among others.

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