CAF to use January ratings for seeding to world Cup qualifier.

The Confederation of African Football (CAF) on Friday night confirmed that the FIFA ranking for the month of January, will be used to determine the seeded teams for the 2022 World Cup qualification play offs.

This means that Nigeria for an instance could possibly drop out of the top five, in which they are currently included.

CAF reached this decision at its Extraordinary General Assembly held in Cairo, Egypt on Friday night where it announced that the play off draws would be held on January 26.

The top five countries will be seeded and will face the non-seeded lower ranked five teams in the two legged fixtures.

The first leg fixtures will take place at the lower-ranked team’s home while the second leg will take place at the higher ranked team's home.

The higher ranked teams that have qualified for the playoffs are Senegal, Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria and Nigeria.

The lower-ranked teams are Egypt, Cameroon, Ghana, Mali, Congo DR.

FIFA opted for a single leg qualifier on a neutral ground but CAF will play the last hurdle on two legs.

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