It is rather unfortunate that the whole world has gone to ‘sleep’ years ago. The present situation all over the world attests to this. The Western world especially has unfortunately fallen prey to the tricks of the country we all know as China; as soon as the nation we knew as Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR) split up officially in December 1991. I made mention of USSR not because they were controlling China but it was because they were always at loggerhead with USA as regards to who was the most powerful in the world.

China wants to dominate the world.

When people of my generation were growing up in the late 60s to middle of 70s, products we used at home then were being made in Europe. You would see electronic products like iron, fridge, radio, TV etc. being made in countries such as England, Germany just to mention a few. All these products would always function for a “life time”. As I’m talking now you will still see some of the products bought in 1969 still functioning in some homes in Nigeria. After 1991 changes became more conspicuous as regards to how things were evolving in the world. We then started to see almost everything you can think of as being made in China.

Let me explain myself more at this juncture, I am not against a particular country striving to make progress in life (or becoming economically viable) or even for an individual also to aspire in the same manner. But what I am saying is that the whole world has completely depended on a particular country so much (and also because the world is looking cheap labour) that they have allowed them to “grow wings” economically at the expense of other nations of the world. Everything you come across these days will always read “Made in China”. What we fail to remember is that as everything was being made in China, we were giving them economic power.

What has also been working in their favour is their being the most populous country in the world (China population as of this year (2020) is 1.439billion which is 18.47% of the entire world population). Unfortunately most of these products being made in China are of very low quality. They can not be compared to European products we knew years back. I am also of the opinion that a country can be a specialist in a certain area example is Italy, you always hear people looking for “Italian shoes” because they are always of good quality. Japanese cars are always of good quality. But as for China they are always like “Jack of all trades, master of none”. They are into everything in the world you can think of. We are now having cars made in China (Great Wall). Though I must admit that I do not know how good this car is. They are also venturing into Agriculture. Just name it.

In my adopted country of Australia, statistics have it that China is the second country that has the highest hectares of land in the country only second to UK (why this is so or why they allow this to happen, should just be left for discussion on another day) which they use for farming and after harvesting their products they ship them (through the Seaport they have under their control as they have also bought one in the northern part of the country of Australia) to their country.

The most astonishing behaviour of China is that they believe they are always correct or right. If you attempt to say anything against them then you are shouted down or they make a ridicule of you. An example of this is the recent call of Australia for inquiry as to how covid-19 came into existence. This did not go down well with China even though the whole world agreed with Australia and this will now be looked into. China was trying to make fun of Australia by saying that the inquiry the world has agreed to conduct is different to what Australia suggested and that it was not the suggestion of Australia that gave birth to the agreement on the inquiry. But the point is that why should the call for the inquiry bother China if truly they have no ’skeleton’ in their cupboard. All of a sudden they imposed extra tariff on a farming product (barley) being exported to China from Australia. Upon inquiry as to the reason for this, the response was that the Australian farmers have been exporting barley of low quality to China for a long time. The question is why is it now that China has just realised that barley that is being exported to their country from Australia is of low quality? Similar reaction is what China has in plan for Germany(threats of tariff on their auto products being exported to China) if they refuse to allow Huawei bid for 5G next generation mobile network contract in Germany.

All these things are happening because as I said at the beginning of this article that the whole world has gone to “sleep” for so long and situation has become “he who owns the pipe dictates the tune” as my people will also say “eni t’o leru ni o ni eru”(he who owns the slave owns the load).

China is massively penetrating into the continent of Africa at the moment. I just hope our African leaders will exercise caution and allow wisdom to pave the way for any agreement or decision they may be making with China(if it is not late already!) so that posterity will speak well of them. I doffed my hat for the immediate past Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad who refused Chinese offer while in office. According to him since Chinese Government is willing to invest in Malaysia, they are welcome but he said the investment that will not make any meaningful impact in the life of the Malaysians is useless. He said he would not allow any investment that the Chinese will bring all the workers from their country and will not employ the Malaysians or will not treat the Malaysians with respect and dignity. This is where our African leaders are failing their subjects. Posterity will not forgive any leader that made future generation slaves on their own land to any foreign country.

Unfortunately, the whole world is over-depending on China for anything you can think of as everything is “Made in China”. The Western countries have to look for alternatives in their way of operation as they deal or relate with China. The Communist leadership of China is able to bully any country with different opinion to theirs because they have the economic power and at the moment the Western countries especially are incapacitated as to fight back because the covid-19 pandemic has ‘crippled’ them financially.

Lesson from these antics of China is that the whole world should never rely so much consciously or unconsciously on a particular country for her needs. Resources should evenly be distributed among the nations of the world.

As for the African nations, they need to borrow a leaf from Malaysia and their leaders should not make themselves ‘slavery tools’ in the hand of China.

Abimbola Oni sent this opinion from Australia toPatmos Media Line.

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