Christ Apostolic Church on the path of final settlement of 29 year old internal feud.

Aggrieved parties within the Christ Apostolic Church (CAC) resolved with the guidance of the Holy Spirit to unit as mandated by the Lord, Jesus Christ and end the summersaulting quarrels within the fold.

President of the CAC Worldwide, Pastor Abraham Akinosun said this in Ibadan on Thursday while addressing reporters at the commencement of the 2020 virtual pastors conference powered at the CAC All Saint Chapel, Bashorun, Ibadan.

He explained that all stakeholders have come together to put an end to the crisis.

According to him, the crisis has rocked the church to its very foundations with several cases held in various courts over the years.

He recalled though there have been several moves in the past to settle the crisis by dialogue, some mundane issues came up and stalled the efforts of the reconciliation

His words: “All stakeholders have been instructed to end the crisis and we have all agreed that enough is enough; total unification is ongoing and we are setting up a very strong Interrogation Committee made up of nominees of all critical stakeholders to fine tune the process of total interrogation of all the aggrieved groups in the church.

“The interrogation committee will work within a given time frame and will be guided strictly by terms of reference to ensure our interrogation produces what our motto says ‘One fold, One interrogation.’

“This committee will work on our administrative structure, and it would give us a unity constitution and other matters that would smoothen our total interrogation.”

Speaking on the theme of the conference “God in the administration of man”, Akinosun said it was prophetic judging by the events that unfolded in the world from December, 2019 when China reported the outbreak of coronavirus disease.

Akinosun also reacted on the latest revised Company and Allied Matters Act (CAMA) on religious institutions, saying the law might not be generally applicable to all religious institutions.

He said the law is also discriminatory, odd and should be sent back to the National Assembly for amendment.

The church has been embroiled in internal crisis since about 1991 leading to fictionalization.

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