Citizens challenge Atiku Abubakar on Tweeter for being mute on Pantami.

Former Vice President Atiku Abubakar has been called out on Twitter for keeping mute over Isa Pantami, minister of communications and digital economy’s past views on terror groups.

Some Nigerians on social media have called for the minister’s sacking after his past stance on terror groups became public.

Pantami recanted his past views on Al-Qaeda and the Taliban, saying his position at the time was based on his understanding as a teenager.

Despite the calls for his sacking, the presidency in a statement issued by Garba Shehu said the Buhari administration stands by the minister, alleging that information and communications technology (ICT) companies are behind calls for his removal.

However, many social media users said the People’s Democratic Party’s candidate in the 2019 presidential election who is always reacting to every issue has suddenly lost his voice.

Some Nigerians said the deafening silence of Atiku is all about 2023 ambition.

See some reactions below;

What has Tinubu and Atiku said about Pantami?

Good morning Twitter.

— Olaudah Equiano® (@RealOlaudah) April 22, 2021

On Pantami, what is Atiku saying? What is Bola Tinubu saying? Kwakwanso? Saraki? El-Rufai?

Nigerians must really understand that it not about political parties. The wicked ruling class are united.

It is always them against us!

We must rise in thought!

— FESTUS OGUN (@mrfestusogun) April 23, 2021

For Atiku not to condemn Pantami, he advertently and tacitly endorsed him. These fellows put their religion (the way they understand it), first before the country. The earlier we understand their mindset, the better for us.

— Olaudah Equiano® (@RealOlaudah) April 23, 2021

If the best we have to offer after dealing with buhari (for 8years) is the likes of Tinubu and Atiku, then we could as well vote for Buhari's 3rd term.

Atiku is not speaking for the people now. NEITHER WILL HE SPEAK FOR YOU WHEN HE GRABS POWER.


— Madamprof (@madamproff) April 22, 2021

Atiku Abubakar is the biggest snake on this bird app, dude is quick to lament over the Greenfield university incident but ghosted since the past 3 days while we were debating about the root of the whole issue, who get rid of a tree by cutting the branch? Awon baba Agbaya oshi

— OMOTAYO Of Lagos (@Tee_Classiquem1) April 23, 2021

Atiku selectively gives hot takes. Pantami's issue could jeopardize the presidential ambition while Greenfield University story is a cheap publicity. Professional Hypocrite!

— Alfa Abdul-Qudus (@Kqudus01) April 24, 2021

Atiku and co are also standing with Pantami. Don’t be deceived by their silence. At least, Buhari is bold enough to openly admit it. #PantamiMustGo

— Comrade Deji Adeyanju (@adeyanjudeji) April 23, 2021

Which of your outspoken, SM media friendly PDP chieftains from the north that has added their voice to the #PantamiMustResign saga, even Atiku that never misses any trending issue on Twitter, looked away, why?Reason am! PDP or APC in the north is one agenda, don't fool yourself.

— CHIEF OF PORT HARCOURT.(WAR CANOE HOUSE) (@OpuiyoMike) April 23, 2021

Okay. Is there a reason Atiku is avoiding the Isa Pantami – terrorism matter?

— Francis Adeboye (@FrancisAdeboye) April 23, 2021

The deafening silence of Atiku, Tambuwal, Kwankwaso, Aliyu, Bala Mohammed, Tinubu & others on Pantami, bothers around 2023.

Isn’t it STRANGE (A SHAME) that politicians cannot VOICE OUT the ills in Northern Nigeria, for fear of losing VOTES FROM NORTHERN BLOC? SO WHY ONE NIGERIA?

— NEFERTITI (@firstladyship) April 24, 2021

So #PantamiMustGo is too hot an issue even for @atiku?

Either Pantami has some hold on all of them or they are all in it together or they truly deaf about our safety and security.

— Ayo Sogunro (@ayosogunro) April 23, 2021

This!!!! Someone told me that any Northern Politician who comes to chastise Pantami is simply sabotaging their Political career. Not even Atiku dared say anything. It is about the Politics of numbers.

— Kelvin Odanz (@MrOdanz) April 24, 2021

This explains Atiku's silence on the matter.

Ukochukwu, na the same people!

— Chimdi's Dad (@banionclub) April 24, 2021

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