Coming your way on Saturday: 'My husband says frequent sex is not healthy; how do I change his mind?

Here is my story. My husband and I have been married for over four years. After our marriage, we had to live in different cities. I was in Port-Harcourt while he resided in Asaba. We only met once every two weeks. This lasted for about one and a half years. But we got on very well, and our sex life was fantastic.

Then I got a job in Ibadan, and we started living together. Ever since our sex life has gone downhill, whenever it comes to sex, we argue a lot. Our sex has become a way of releasing tension. Nowadays, I am lucky if we have sex once a week. Even then, I would have to beg him on my knees. He only consents after he has had a couple of drinks. It is so frustrating. If I try talking to him about it, he gets defensive and says he believes that sex should just come naturally. He would then add that planning for it or learning about it makes it artificial

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