Community pursues bandits who raided them and burnt six of them while DPO watches helplessly.

A picture of what to expect of bandits strikes in Nigeria happened Tangaza community of Sokoto state when residents of the area lynched six bandits and subsequently burnt them to ashes while the DPO of the area watched helplessly/.

According to the report of an eyewitness, the bandits had come to the community to kidnap two people but would later kill them because they were being trailed by the vigilantes who wanted to rescue the victims.

This would later provoke the members of the vigilantes who armed themselves with cutlasses and other weapons to go after them in their hideouts. Two of the bandits were first killed and four were arrested and handed over to the police.

Meanwhile, the angry mob asked the police to execute them immediately which they could not do. It was said that the DPO’s plea to allow them a fair trial fell on deaf ears. The crowd took the fours bandits and killed them. So, beyond the appraisal, these people have received from the general public, here is what to expect in the coming days;

First of all, people are already tired of sitting back and allow themselves to be kidnapped and killed in their communities by unknown gunmen. They are also no longer afraid of the armed bandits, that are why they have resulted in taking laws into their own hands, and that may not be a good sign if something drastic and timely is not done by the government.

Not that only, this latest happening may become the playbook for the societies where kidnapping and killing have become very rampant. They may no longer depend on the government for security and justice. And fighting injustice with jungle justice will not be good for any society.

That is why the government needs to act very fast and do something about insecurity before it is too late. And that is if it is not too late already.

It should be noted however, that many state Governors had called on the people to defend themselves.

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