Confusion galore at Court of Appeal judges’ inauguration.

There were palpable confusions on Monday at the inauguration of 18 new Justices for the Court of Appeal who were elevated from various High Courts.

The confusion which centred on seniority of the judges in the call for inauguration by the Chief Justice of Nigeria, CJN, Honorable Justice Ibrahim Muhammad almost marred the occasion.

The Chief Registrar of the Court kick-started the controversies when she addressed Mohammed Danjuma as Grand Khadi in place of Honorable Justice Mohammed Danjuma.

It took the intervention of the CJN before the appropriate designation could be applied.

But then the CJN himself caused confusion when he ordered another judge to retake her oath.

The situation became worse during the proper call for inauguration when the Chief Registrar called junior ones three times before the senior ones against the laid down tradition of seniority.

A junior Judge, Bola Samuel Ademola who was called thrice for inauguration declined and insisted that the well-known tradition of seniority must be adhered to.

Also, the sitting arrangement of the 18 new Appellate Court Justices witnessed a mild drama as junior ones were made to sit on the seat earmarked for the senior ones.

It took the intervention of some staff of the apex court before the ugly situation could be brought to order.

The other confusion was when the CJN, Tanko Muhammad ordered one of the 18 newly sworn-in judges, Olasunbo Goodluck to repeat her oath of office after mentioning ‘Allah’ instead of ‘God’.

The CJN turned heads after he ordered the judge Ms. Goodluck to return to the podium and say, “So help me God”. Ms. Goodluck reportedly broke the ‘So help me God’ rule.

It will be recalled that the inauguration was supposed to have taken place in April but was postponed due to a nationwide strike of the members of the Judiciary Staff Union of Nigeria (JUSUN).

The strike grounded all activities in Nigerian courts for over two months.

President Muhammadu Buhari approved the appointment of the judges following their recommendation by the National Judicial Council (NJC).

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