COS, Gambari’s house on the next street to Presidential House within Aso Villa burgled!

It is unbelievable and unthinkable that the raging insecurity could so soon extend to of Aso Rock, which is the Presidential seat of power, as reports of its being invaded by armed burglars makes it more worrisome.

According to reports, the burglars targeted the residences of the Chief of Staff to President Muhammadu Buhari, Ibrahim Gambari as well as that of the senior Administrative Officer, Abubakar Maikano.

The incident which occurred on Sunday, May 9 forced Gambari and Maimako to abandon their residences in Aso Rock.

“Their houses were robbed and the robbers packed money and other valuable assets from both houses,” a source said.

It was not immediately clear whether or not valuable documents of state interest were carted away by the intruders, but publication further reported that the residences were thoroughly ransacked.

“The robbers took away as much as possible from both places,” a security officer that confirmed the incident said. “What is more unfortunate is that no one has been arrested.”

Officials also said Mr. Gambari was given an official residence at the Defence House but has not been living there, preferring instead to live inside Aso Rock and be close to the president.

Presidential spokesman, Shehu Garba confirmed on his Tweeter handle, the burglary of Mr. Gambari’s house which is Next Street the actual Presidential House within the Villa but he played it down that no harm was done to anybody and minimal theft took place.

With great surveillance and human security presence from even the gate, the operation is a marvel and an embarrassment to the Presidency of which is within the purview of the Commander of the Brigade of Guards and the Chief Security Officer to the President.

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