Court dissolves 18 year old marriage because madam is adulterous and non submissive.

A Customary Court in Ikole-Ekiti on Friday dissolved an 18-year-old marriage between Mr. Olusola Abiodun and his wife, Kehinde.

The President of the court, Mrs. Yemisi Ojo, put an end to the marriage on the grounds that Abiodun, along with his family, was not being accorded due respect by the respondent, Kehinde.

Abiodun also accused the wife of adultery, among other allegations.

The court president in her judgment said every effort made by the court to save the marriage failed.

She subsequently dissolved the union and ordered the couple to go their separate ways.

Ojo awarded the custody of their three children, 16 years, 14 years and seven years to the petitioner.

The court president ordered Abiodun, 51, to be responsible for the upkeep of the children, including footing their education bills.

She granted the children unlimited access to their mother, adding that they could sleep over in her house only during weekends and school holiday.

Earlier, the petitioner told the court that he was instituting the divorce suit because the respondent had not been submissive to him and would not heed his advice not to do menial jobs.

He told the court that the wife constantly embarrassed him and was fond of making friends with those he called “uncultured’’ people.

The petitioner prayed to the court to order the wife to change her ways, promising to withdraw the case if she complied.

The respondent, Kehinde, 50, in her defence told the court that she took to menial jobs because the husband was not adequately providing for the family.

Kehinde said that she was ready to change if the petitioner would also mend his ways.(NAN)

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