Daddy Freeze apologizes to Bishop David Oyedepo says his insult was a doctrinal issue.

Lagos Broadcaster, Ifedayo Olarinde aka Daddy Freeze, has apologized to the founder of Living Faith Church aka Winners Chapel, David Oyedepo but said he insulted the cleric two years ago, adding that the video only went viral recently.

The broadcaster, who is the Convener of the Free the Sheeple Movement and Leader of the Free Nation in Christ, said this in a video on Saturday.

He said, “My attention has been drawn to a video I released circa two years, seven months ago while addressing some pertinent issues that arose back then. I apologize for the delivery of my message and for any insult to Bishop David Oyedepo in that video as I didn’t in any way intend to dishonor, disrespect or disregard the person of the bishop.

“The perceived intention to the contrary is regretted. My methods of addressing doctrinal issues have long since devolved to a more scriptural and less confrontational approach. I was, and still, very passionate in my quest to address what I believe are unresolved doctrinal issues, however, from a more amiable perspective.”

Daddy Freeze expressed his “firm” belief that for the Christian faith to thrive, believers must collectively be open to adopting theological frames of reference.

He said this could be achieved in love only.

The broadcaster has been known to propagate controversial Christian doctrines which include the non-payment of tithes.

He has been feuding with several popular and influential clerics and described those who demand tithe as thieves.

Patmos Media Line reported that Daddy Freeze had confronted many Ministers of the Gospel including Pastor Adeboye; Bishop Oyedepo; Rev. Fr Mabah and an Abuja Pastor, Dr. Paul Enenche had called him a MAD DOG for berating Bishop Oyedepo ditto Pastor Ibiyeomie from Port Harcourt who threatened to kill him for insulting his father in the Lord, Bishop Oyedepo.

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