Damage control exercise in Osun case.

Patmos Media Line learnt that the attempt by the Osun State Commissioner for Information, Mrs. Funke Egbemode to announce that only one covid-19 patient escaped the quarantine center was a mere damage control exercise by Government.

The truth was that the six reported patients namely:

1. LAWAL Waliyulah, Masifa Ejigbo


2. LASISI Murafat, Olugbodi’s compound Ejigbo. +22505368845

. C/o Ganiyat Alabi 08075441187

3. Yusuff Afees, Ile Alawe, Ejigbo


4. Isola Abibat, Ile Olori, Ejigbo


5. Nua Oyeleye, Ile Jesu, Oguro Ejigbo


6. Juel Olasupo, Ile Baale Ejigbo


had escaped Friday night.

Patmos Media Line learnt that Ejigbo elites were the ones who persuaded the patients to return. One was very cooperative and returned in the wee hours of Saturday and before the sun broke out, five had returned remaining one person.

State officials had come in about 1000 hours of Saturday when one of them was still missing hence the statement of the Honorable Commissioner's statement.

Patmos Media Line learnt that the patients were people of clout who had made it in their business line while in Ivory Coast hence it was easy to talk to them.

However as at 1400 hours, the sixth person was yet to be located as calls to the phones and known contacts were not going through.

It was learnt that the patients alleged they were not given the care for their status. A more serious development is all the contacts the five escapees got in touch with should be quarantined immediately which the State government is now pursuing.

We have our ears to the ground and will brief you on the Ejigbo issue later in the day or as it breaks..

- Eniola Olatunji.

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