Desperate Niger State bandits now raid homes to get victims.

Bandits now raid residential homes in Niger state to carry out their kidnap activities.

The bandits raided Kwankwashe, Niger State, in the wee hours of Wednesday, August 4, and abducted residents, including children.

The victims were taken from 3 houses and a hotel within Unguwar Fulani area of the metropolitan town.

A resident, Faith Lucky, whose two children, a 17-year-old girl and a 15-year-old boy – were taken, said she became aware of the presence of the bandits when they started hitting her house gate. She said it took them about 20 minutes to pull down the gate.

She narrated: "I woke up my children immediately and made an attempt to glance toward them through my window. But within a few minutes they rushed towards there and broke part of the window’s burglary.

"They flashed light, and pointed a gun towards me, directing that I should open the room’s door." She said the kidnappers forced them to surrender their phones and money, before leaving with the two children.

Another woman said the gunmen arrived her compound around 1 am, and that she, along with her husband, were able to escape. She said the attackers were able to reach the section where her visiting mother and brother-in-law were.

"So my brother-in-law remained with mama who could not move away. That was how they abducted him and also took our other belongings like phones, laptops, as well as clothes and shoes," the woman said.

A resident, who gave his name as Reuben, said that the attackers also abducted two hotel staff in the area and they operated for more than an hour before fleeing on hearing the police siren.

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