"Don't release criminals because they claimed they've repented, let them face justice"~ Commodore.

A Nigerian security expert, Commodore Abimbola Ayuba has come out to condemn the attitude of arresting terrorists who have been responsible for the deaths of many Nigerians and releasing them back into the society with claims that they have repented.

According to a recent video clip that was uploaded by Roots TV via their YouTube page, Commodore Abimbola who spoke in the 4 minutes in the video clip stated that such reintegration must have to be done by experts who specialize in that particular field, and not the type that our security agents are doing today out of pressure.

Ayuba while condemning this phenomenon stated clearly that the heart of a wicked criminal will never repent rather they should be made to face justice, as he noted that there must be a record that such criminals have killed security agents and innocent citizens of the country in the past, thus mandating them to be jailed for their crimes to humanity.

Ayuba stressed that it is only during the jail term of the said criminals that the reformative agencies will be able to meet them, appeal to them, and then monitor them while they serve their jail term in order to be sure that such individuals have really repented, because you can just accept a hardened criminal who has been killing people back into the society because he or she had thrown their guns away and claimed to have repented.

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Ayuba noted that if security agents continue to treat criminals like this that they will turn out one day to go back to their old ways because they have gained the idea of the system, in the sense that they will always be released whenever they are caught, thus encouraging them to do more.

Commodore while summarizing his speech urged security agents to stop parading suspects on television; rather they should be taken to court and made to face justice. Lastly, he warned them (security agents) to stop playing politics with insecurity, because if these criminals are punished according to their crimes that it will instill fear in others who may want to join them.

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