El-Rufai threatens to deal with Wabba & other NLC leaders “they will never return to Kaduna again".

Governor Nasir el-Rufai of Kaduna State Wednesday threatened to invoke his power as Executive Governor on Labour protesters and said by the time he dealt with Ayuba Wabba, the National President of Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) and other Labour leaders they will never return to Kaduna again.

El-Rufai threatened hailstones and brimstones while addressing the 23rd Annual Tax Conference organised by the Chartered Institute of Taxation of Nigeria (CITN) in Kaduna even as the Labour unrest entered its third day.

El-Rufai described the Labour leaders as “criminals,” positing that their actions which prevented businesses like banks, petrol stations and others from functioning was criminal and illegal.

He vowed that by the time he dealt with them they would never think of returning to Kaduna.

According to him, he was not against the right of workers to embark on strike, but such workers must walk out of their workplace and allow other things to function.

He emphasized that workers or their unions do not have the right to stop any business or government establishment from opening.

El-Rufai then said those responsible for such were liable to be convicted under the Miscellaneous Offences Act, which attracts a minimum penalty of 21 years imprisonment.

“All those that have broken the law to the fullest extent will never come back to the state again by the time we are done with them,” he said.

Patmos Media Line recalls that before El-Rufai became the Executive Governor of Kaduna State, he and former Senator Dino Melaiye had teamed up with the same Waaba led NLC to go on strike against the Jonathan administration.

Jonathan did not call them names like bandits, criminals or threaten to arrest them but now El-Rufai faces the same situation and is sore vexed.

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