Episode 3 Promo: Sexual expression is central in marriage.

Catch your Sex Therapist, Funmi Akingbade on Saturday with that topic.

Take these teasers:

To help protect the marriage union couples should approach the sexual aspect of their marriage in the context of their entire relationship by making sure you both are observing the same mutual sexual views and then recognise some few predominant truths about sexual intimacy in marriage. Sex and all its pleasures is an inbuilt desire that needs expression from time to time; orgasm is needed to get bounded. So therefore sex should be exceptionally enjoyable by deliberately creating time for it.

Secondly, couples must agree to keep talking about sex in the relationship even when they are not enjoying it to the fullest; by this it will be easily to give it priority. Great sex begins with talking together in an open, trusting, accepting manner, and it is the only path to resolving the “how often is enough” question.

Thirdly, you should agree not to assume anything about your mate. Many factors lie behind each person’s desire for more sex or less.

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