Ethiopian parliament vote to strip dozens of MP’s from Tigray of their immunity from prosecution.

The Ethiopian parliament has voted to strip dozens of MP’s from Tigray of their immunity from prosecution and comes amidst calls by the government for Tigrayan forces to surrender.

While federal troops battle to take control of the region, the fighting, which began over a week ago, is reported to have killed hundreds of combatants on both sides.

Ethiopia’s federal government is sounding confident with Defence Minister Kenea Yadeta saying it would not be long before the leaders in Tigray, from the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) party, were on trial.

He talked of appointing an interim administration in areas taken by federal troops, but with all telecommunication switched off it is hard to verify what has been happening since the fighting began.

Both sides have been speaking of success and are also accusing the other of committing atrocities.

What is however clear is that civilians are suffering. Thousands have fled to Sudan, with the UN fearing a major emergency may be brewing.

The UN says it is negotiating with both sides to enable humanitarian corridors to be opened.

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