Europa League semis: Gunners out fires blank against Villareal; Man U slams Roma 8-5.

Gunners, The Arsenal FC on Thursday failed to smoke when it mattered most as it fired blank playing goalless at home in the Europa League 2nd Semi-final against Villareal.

Arsenal therefore was dismissed 1-2 when fans were praying even for just one goal win but the Arsenal struggle was not good enough.

Villareal therefore flew into the final on May 26 and will play The Red Devils, Manchester United in Istanbul, Turkey.

A brace from Edinson Cavani drown the hopes of Roma as Man U slammed Roma 8-5 on aggregate after recording a final score of Roma 3 Man U 2 on Thursday. Cavani brace came 39’ and 68’.

Scorers for Roma were Edwin Dzeko 57’, Bryan Cristante 60’ and Nicola Zalewski 83’.

Focus is now on Istanbul that is now on a lockdown till May 17.

Source: Patmos Media Line Sports.

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